Friday, January 21, 2011

self reflection is good this time of year.

so. here we have the sketch version of:

The Self Truth by *Naminational on deviantART

i was hoping to do something more exciting with the border, but ... well i didn't. XD i plan to push myself with the next "universe halo chicks" ... oh and also mak the universes LOOK like one.

very hard to do in markers only.

go here for the non level fixed version of my scan:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yay for sketch sets! :D haven't done one of these in a while... need to do more! most of the above page is all Uru. shes very vain. but also so much fun to draw.
sketch set with a prelude to something i will draw soon :D HINT: narwhal?
the very badly done plan for an image i will be doing. going for a muchaesh feel. XD the flowers are a place holder, for the real flower image. that's just to see how the space is utilized... AKA BADLY. D: so need to work on fixing that.

this week... its like ive been... PRODUCTIVE! WHICH IS A LIE. these were all form last week/ older :D HA!


Friday, August 20, 2010


YAY! if you have taken a gander over at my Deviantart, you would notice the one on the left. when i was designing my 'narwhal princess' these were 2 hair designs i LOVED but didn't do. here is the finished colored version. :D LOOK AT THAT! im getting better at not losing something from the sketch stage to the finished work stage. this pleases me.

Here is the Uru smut pic. the original had some differences (like under boob... D:) and i added the pillow and bowl of cherries later on.

finished piece:
blatant cheesecake by *Naminational on deviantART

here is 2 sketches cropped from other 'sketch sets' that i did. ... both my buxom bronze skin babes eating a Popsicle... i apologize ahead of time for the amount of teasing this image is. im working on finishing this one sooner than later. i have added Psyco cat :D and i plan on flattering their outfits a bit. as they are both in cutoffs and bikini tops. XD NEED MORE FLAVOR. ironically i didn't intend to draw this. Tadi had had at least 4 versions of her eating a popsicle, so i blame her.

more sketches later! :D

Friday, June 25, 2010


so i did an exercise, where i had some of my twitter followers give me a word, just one word. :D sadly this has taken a much longer time than i thought. D: suuuuuuuck.

without further adue! 3 of... more than 3




:3 there is both a .jpg and a .gif at 100x100 and 50x50.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lyn Color Sketches

more Lyn! i was trying to figure out her color pallet so here is a psudo sketch of her. :3 color